Of crazy Icelanders and… Montreal

Blood Group - © Gary WolstenholmeTime for an update… last night we saw a lot of decent stuff including some top Icelandic talent which, after all, is the point of a festival like this. For all their respective qualities, you can see bands like Bloc Party or Bonde Do Role every other week at your local venue – Mr Silla & Mongoose or Bloodgroup, on the other hand… not so likely.

Although maybe soon, particularly in the latter case: think Hadouken fronted by a teenage, geeky Madonna. In these heady New Rave days we apparently live in, their sound is so now – at least as far as shortsighted majors with bottomless budgets are concerned – they should be snapped up by the time you’ve read this blog. File under: party band.

Mr. Silla & Mongoose were impressive in a different way. An Icelandic boy-girl duo who deal in minimalist electro blues (a more sensitive Kills? Possibly), their set was the perfect early evening warm up. The singer’s voice? Fantastic. Her looks? None too shabby either. Joined by a trumpet player for the last couple of songs, which was nice.

What wasn’t nice was having to queue for ages to get into the DiS show to watch Deerhoof. But it’s our venue! Anyway, we got in eventually and it was certainly the hot ticket of the evening: we spotted both Kele and Matt Bloc Party as well as various members of Grizzly Bear among the audience. Good taste guys.

Of Montreal - © Gary WolstenholmeOf Montreal were the night’s headliners in the art museum. No need for too much detail here, they’re a band who should be familiar to many DiS readers. This was the first time we’d caught them live and they didn’t disappoint at all. The costumes were awesome too, particularly the singer’s gimp-cum-medusa mask.

Afterwards we found ourselves locked away in a grotty local pub that stayed open way after closing time with some, um, Icelandic nutjobs. They bought us whiskey, and at eight pounds per shot that makes them okay in our book. Even if one did insist on showing us his six inch blade and offering to ‘acquire’ a car to give us a guided tour. Strange times.

It’s this half of the team’s last night (sob) and lineup wise it’s clash central: !!! vs Bloc Party vs Chromeo (argh!), and Annuals vs Bonde Do Role – suggestions?

Rob x


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