Quick Update…

Grizzly BearHello,

We paced ourselves last night and saw more than on Thursday. DiS split up to cover as much of the festival as possible. Grizzly Bear were experimental, droney, dreary and beautiful as they headlined the largest and best venue, the Reykjavik Art Museum. The band has amassed the most pedals and doo-dads DiS has seen in ages. Had to have been two square metres of em on stage. Insane.

Boys in a Band, a quartet from the Faroe Islands that sound more-or-less like everyone else was enjoyed, as was local indie-outfit We Made God. In addition, Olof Arnolds strummed an acoustic guitar while singing needlessly high-pitched Icelandic folk ditties. She sings in Mum as well. One song was nice. Five or six was aggravating. Regardless, mum is highly looked forward too tonight. They play at the Art Museum. Oh, and The Duke Spirit played too. We missed it.

It was busier yesterday, warmer too. Feels a bit like being in Leeds on an overcast day. Bulky jackets have been replaced by wool jumpers. Quite nice. We also went to this party sponsored by Iceland Air. It was odd. It was like walking into a sexy airport of sorts, where instead of being checked by security, a cute girl spanked you and gave you a beer. And another beer. And another. You get the point. Bags were filled with the stuff for today. We’re smart we are.

Lots of music on tap tonight. Of Montreal, the aforementioned mum, Loney Dear and our own night, the DiS sponsored fest at Guakkerinn. Deerhoof (ace!) is headlining with Jakobinarina, Reykjavik! and Sudden Weather Change supporting. Appearances will be made, beer will be drunk. You know, the usual.

Gary has taken some lovely pictures. Some will be posted soon; shoddy internet connection to blame.


DiS x


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