Why Can’t I Sleep In?

Reykjavik Cathedral - © Gary WolstenholmeCan’t figure this out, really. Went to bed at 3AM and up at 8AM. On the dot. Without an alarm. Sigh.

So here we are at Iceland Airwaves. The music began last night at a few of the venues, and to be honest, not much of it seen is worth writing about. The bread and butter begins tonight with Grizzly Bear (a DiS favourite), the lovely Friendly Fires, Kira Kira, Slow Club and a slew of in-store performances. We did see Seabear and Skakkamanage last night at a party littered with vodka and fizzy red stuff, and both were quite nice. Innocuous, playful music. The rest however, from what returns to the memory was passable. There were a few acts missed because of long queues to get inside overpacked clubs that received rave reviews, so here are their MySpace pages:

– Naflakusk – (teenage pop choir) http://www.myspace.com/naflakusk

– Mugsefjun- (Icelandic Arcade Fire, apparently) http://www.myspace.com/mugsefjun

Today DiS decided to check out Reykjavik’s famous thermal pools. It is interesting to walk outside in your pants and hop into a steamy, egg-smelling bath heated by volcanoes bubbling away underneath. It was wonderful, especially for one DiS’er who found a way to pull his groin on a light stroll yesterday. Too much time watching the ducks instead of the road, we guess.

Oh, and we met a girl named Osk last night. And it is raining right now. That is all.


x DiS

(P.S. – we played tourist and took a nice picture of the countryside. It’s too gorgeous not to share)


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