DiS @ Iceland Airwaves 2007

Welcome to the DrownedinSound.com Iceland Airwaves 2007 blog. Our intrepid reporting team (that’s Rob Webb and Shain Shapiro scribbling, Gary Wolstenholme snapping*) will be bringing you all the action from Reykjavik, where Iceland Airwaves 2007 kicks off later on today.

The hunt for new Icelandic talent is, of course, well and truly on – there’s plenty of it playing over the four days we’re here – but seeing the likes of !!!, Grizzly Bear, Late Of The Pier, Slow Club and Annuals in these surroundings is enough to warm the cockles.

And there’s a DiS stage on Thursday too. Deerhoof are playing on it. Rumour has it I might be allowed to pick records. That, my friends, is all pet wettingly ace news.

Bye for now, I’ve got a plane to catch.

Rob x

* that’s taking pictures, not getting angry. Although if he drinks as much Jagermeister as he did on the first night at Hove in the summer…

PS. Here’s a video of Deerhoof, ‘cos I’m nice like that…


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